Friday, August 5, 2016

Sincerely Jules

I really love Jules blog it's so descriptive and interesting and especially to someone like me who loves beauty, fashion and anything else like that. Jules blogs are really nice to read like in one blog she talks about St. Tropez and how much she loves it. Jules explains how beautiful her hotel is, the Villa Marie, she talked about how it was surrounded with gorgeous pine trees and had the best chocolate. Jules also talked about how relaxing it was there, by the pool to just sit and eat something before going out. she mentioned that the weather there was perfect not to hot but not to cold. the way she describes it really makes me want to go sometime.

I have heard about a lot of celebrities going there and they always love it. i think it would be so much fun to go on vacation there. she also talks about how her hotel is looking over the whole town and how great of a view it is. She's talks about how colorful the buildings are and how the town is so beautiful.

St. Tropez and Villa Marie hotel

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